The culinary history of Palermo is an aspect crucial to the city's identity: a fascinating and succulent journey to the discovery of one of the most famous and appreciated cuisines around the world. Among the sights to see there is the historic market Ballarò, the most ancient and authentic of the city. Here the colors and smells overwhelm your senses, marking the start of your trip in the past and present of the island. In true Arab style, the market streets are crowded with wooden boxes with foods that are constantly abbanniati, i.e. praised for their freshness and quality. Among the many stalls, those with colorful spices will surely affect you, as among them one can get lost for hours thanks to the vast choice. Another feature are the foods cooked on the street, making your walk tastier. The few remaining shops of artisans may finally give you an idea of the ancient arts and crafts, which for centuries have characterized the economy of Palermo.


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